Useful Tips For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

New mums usually have a lot to contend with. This may be anything from what to feed the baby, what to do when the baby is in distress; to how to get rid of the extra weight that was packed during the duration of the pregnancy. For those women who may have added between 25-35 pounds on the advice of their doctor, weight loss after pregnancy should not take any more than a few months if one exercises and watches what they eat. However, for those who were overweight before the pregnancy and put on more weight against doctors’ advice, weight loss may take much longer-up to a year in some cases. It is vital that new mums women shed this extra weight as it has been associated with being overweight and obese later on in life.

Much as every new mum wishes and is eager to get back to their old self after a pregnancy, it is important to be patient. Trying to emulate your favorite celebrity by moving from the delivery room straight into your favorite pair of jeans may not be ideal as these celebrities have vast resources and rely on very strict diets before their bodies are really ready for it. A gradual approach is thus called for in the journey to weight loss after pregnancy as if it took nine long months to deliver, then shedding the extra weight should take at least that long.

Here are a few tips to get you fitting back into your old clothes:

Do not diet– New moms are advised that going on a diet after giving birth in an attempt to lose weight could derail the whole process. This is because the stresses associated with their new roles could actually result in weight gain. The key is to eat a variety of well-balanced meals and also have snacks in the house that provide the new mum with energy throughout the day. Doctors recommend having at least 1800 calories a day, particularly for lactating mums.

Incorporate high nutrient foods in your diet– Variously referred to as super foods, these are those that are high in nutrients and low on calories and fat as a new mom requires maximum nutritional intake. Examples of these super foods include fish, tuna, and sardines. They have essential fatty acids that are critical in the development of a healthy nervous system and brain for the newborn. Milk is also in this category as it provides calcium that is needed for the healthy development of bones. Beans, lean meat and chicken are also recommended as besides being low in fat and high in fiber and protein, they keep the new mum feeling fuller for longer.

Keep well dehydrated– Drinking plenty of fluids also aids in weight loss after pregnancy as it fills you up thereby ensuring that you do not eat as much as you would under normal circumstances. It has also been suggested that it speeds up the body’s metabolism. New mums are advised to check the color of their urine so as to determine whether to increase their water intake.

Get into some fitness program– Besides dieting, incorporating aerobics and strength training exercises in a new mum’s workout schedule is not only beneficial in weight loss but helps to keep one’s bones and muscles strong. In addition, exercise helps in dealing with postpartum depression, a condition that is common amongst new mums. It can begin by a simple activity such as taking regular brisk walks with your baby in their stroller in order to get the heart pumping and work your muscles.

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  1. I too actually suffer from the same problem. My advice to you is to first try and manage your symptoms of IBS by taking steps to manage sources of stress/worry/depression, eating a balanced diet and getting at least 7hrs sleep every night. Now as for breakfast, what I do is blend up 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 3 scoops of protein powder, some honey and some frozen berries. This gives you everything your body needs to get going in the morning and is easy to consume.

  2. hey i need some help, im 6’1 and i weigh 111 kgs and this is my diet as of now, protein shake in moinnrg, lunch in afternoon which is rice and curry nd for dinner i eat some days and some days drink prptein shake, nd ido ellipticals for 30 minutes everyday, im npt losing weight though and i dont know what to do, please help me out with a diet plan and what else i should do to lose the fat, im cpunting on you

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