Post- Pregnancy Weight Loss: The Most Positive Approach To Post-Partum Weight Loss

Well, the most wonderful thing about motherhood is the complete oblivion with which one approaches it. Blissful and serene in the knowledge of the new life nurturing within, very few women give any thought at all to weight loss in the prenatal stage. The ‘baby blues’ typically kick-in around the fourth day after delivery when the not so rosy reality check makes one come to terms not only with the humongous responsibility but oodles of fat that hang from every part of one’s frame. Depression is never too far away as is help to cope with the situation. Being in a positive frame of mind and understanding that just as the weight gain was a necessary and gradual process, the weight loss also can be handled with time and patience.

While the baby grows under your care, maintaining a nutrition-rich diet is imperative for nursing mothers. This leaves little scope for reducing the calorie intake. Understanding what one should eat and yet manage to lose weight would put all new mothers on the right track. The good news is that lactating mothers automatically lose about 600 calories; that is another reason to keep it going as long as you keep your diet rich in nutrition and not use it as a tool to lose weight. Weight loss up to ten pounds in a month is not an unknown phenomenon especially when one breastfeeds!

The decision on the right calorie choice in foods is essential to sustaining the good track record. So, what should you be bringing on? Feeling ravenously hungry is common to all who breastfeed, so don’t have guilt over that. In fact, eat well before the feeding time and feed as many times as the baby demands. Gorge on fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy for the calcium hike you most definitely need for keeping you bone health intact as a nursing mother. Keep carbs at bay but not completely. You still need to energize yourself with sugars and carbs for the long -haul.

What is strongly recommended by most doctors is the bit about exercise. Not only will it get you out of the post-partum blues by sending a surge of endorphins to your brain, but also boost your metabolism to help digest better which happens to be difficult in a more home bound phase of your life. In any case, a weight loss is not recommended before the baby turns two months old.

Some proven tested and tried methods for dramatic weight loss which should only be undertaken after consultation with our gynaecologist include the following steps:

*Hydrate yourself adequately -Apart from improving lactation it increases your metabolism and helps nutrient absorption and toxin removal from the system. How it helps in weight loss is simply by making you feel much fuller.
*Skimp on fats-Whenever hungry, do eat but choose a healthier option that is high in roughage to make you feel fuller. Eat snacks like carrots, celery, popcorn, or tofu.
*Strength training exercises that also include aerobics will induce better circulation and higher metabolism. Quite a vicious cycle because it will go on to make you more hungry. Just remember to choose the right snack.
*Avoid long term sleep deficit by sleeping as often as you can; even in the middle of the day. More than anything else it’ll keep your greedy fingers out of the bag of chips!Besides, you most certainly will be better tuned to an exercise routine if you are rejuvenated after a good sleep.
*Don’t skip meals -Remember you need the calories to keep moving all through the day. Fill in half your plate with vegetables, one-fourth with proteins and another fourth with carbs.
*Try to bring an activity into everything you do around the baby. Clean up with the music on , cook and serve the way you always did, wake up early and don’t laze around- remember that you have to set the rules for the new member of the family.
*Make a gang of new moms and work out together. It’ll keep you motivated and in a healthy competition.

It’s all about healthy food choices and the right kind of workout done with sincere regularity, teamed up with a feeling of great positivity in knowing what a wonderful gift you have been endowed with. Keep you chin up and the weight down by following the very simple tricks mentioned and you could go about redefining what a fit mom you could be!

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