Paleo Diet for Beginners

Paleo Diet for BeginnersHere’s a short guide on paleo diet for beginners. The paleo diet is based on eating as our ancestors did. If a caveman could not eat it, neither can you. This refers to anything we can hunt or gather (meat, fish, nuts, vegetables and seeds).Sorry but you will have to stop eating things like pasta, cereal and sweets. Instead you will eat things like chicken with vegetables and avocado.

How much of each nutrient should I eat?

Keep It Simple: Try to eat a good source of protein at every meal (eggs, meat, chicken, fish, and pork) along with lots of vegetables, fats and few fruits. If you have problems getting enough calories a day, add healthy fats to your diet: avocado, some almonds or walnuts, olive oil, etc.

If you are doing the paleo diet and you are not losing weight, reduce your consumption of nuts and fruits.

What I’m trying to say is that fat should be a big percentage of your diet.

But I thought fat was fat…

Poor fat: It has had a bad reputation these decades, so companies are doing everything they can to make everything low in fat and “healthy” (adding condoms, chemicals and sugar). Reduce fat, increase carbohydrates … and look where it has taken us.

Do I have to eat every 3 hours?

Not necessarily. Eat when you are hungry; do not eat when you do not have it. Our ancestors did not have the luxury of going to a vending machine or a restaurant to eat. Sometimes they spent whole days without finding food. Luckily we are designed to use our fat reserves in these situations. Do not worry so much about eating every three hours.

Sometimes it’s okay to skip a meal or two as long as you do not eat 7 pizzas later because you were very hungry.

This type of feeding is known as intermittent fasting.

What are the criticisms of this diet?

The main criticism is the defamation of the grains of the same manor that the fat has been defamed.

These types of diets can be expensive (protein is much more expensive than carbohydrates). Even if you spend a little more money on healthier food, doing so now is preferable to spending a lot more on medical expenses later.

It is difficult to carry a strict paleo diet in modern society. A normal breakfast consists of today cakes, sweet breads, toast breads, cereals or donuts. NONE of these have nutritional value, have many carbohydrates and calories and are composed of processed grains. Eating in restaurants can be difficult as well. What I recommend to my students is to try to carry the diet as strictly as possible, but occasionally they can put processed foods like sausages (Protein and fat) or food not allowed peanuts (Protein and fat).

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