Paleo Diet and Weight Loss

Paleo Diet and Weight LossOur Paleolithic ancestors had a healthy and fit body, and their diet known today as a slimming resource differs greatly from the one we carry today, so we show you how you can adapt the paleo diet and weight loss in the Framework of a totally different reality.

The basics of the paleo diet

We have already talked about Paleolithic or Paleolithic diet and we tell you that although it is very effective for losing weight, it is not an easy strategy to sustain in time or to carry out currently, as it does not fit the reality and the Lifestyle that prevails today.

Therefore, we propose to make some changes to the traditional diet of our Paleolithic ancestors to be able to use it today as a resource to lose weight.

For this, it is necessary to know the bases of the paleo diet that will serve as a guide for our strategy:

  • Lean proteins daily, which our ancestors obtained from animals they hunted and thus, represented about 30% of their daily calories.
  • Great amount of fiber that in Paleolithic was obtained of vegetables and fruits that were collected, obtaining an ingestion of more than 40 grams daily.
  • Good fats in small proportions that in the diet of Paleolithic represented only 20% of the total caloric value and derived among other things, fish, seeds and nuts.
  • Complex carbohydrates as a base, but that only contributed in the diet of our ancestors 45% of the daily calories and derived mainly, of fruits, vegetables, seeds and others.

These are the premises or bases of the paleo diet that should guide our food choices today to be able to lose weight in a healthy way and achieve a fit body.

How to adapt the paleo diet and weight loss today

While we cannot exactly imitate the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors because it would mean banning a large number of foods currently used and we would also need to resemble their level of physical activity, something very difficult to achieve, we can adapt the paleo diet to reality that we live in today.

To do this, we give you some tips that will allow you to lose weight using the paleo diet adapted to the present:

  • Eat lean meats daily or with very little fat content, using healthy cooking methods that do not add calories such as iron, oven, roast or the like.
  • Consume daily fruits and vegetables raw, to increase the contribution of fiber and complex hydrates.
  • Avoid processed foods, i.e. precooked, commercial snacks, cookies, cold meats, sausages, pastries or soft drinks.
  • Choose whole grains for breakfast and / or lunch, such as oats, brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole noodles and the like.
  • Use vegetables instead of rice, noodles and other common cereals to make salads, salads or stews, because they contain more protein without fat, less hydrates and much more fiber.
  • Choosing water as a habitual drink that does not contribute calories, does not have alcohol or sugars that in the Paleolithic did not exist and contributes to hydrate the organism.
  • Ingest daily a handful of nuts and / or seeds, without added salt and not fried, to ensure good fats and fiber in small amounts every day.
  • Avoiding sugar and salt and the foods to which they are added, because in the diet of our ancestors these two great enemies today did not exist and we, we must try to reduce them to the maximum in our diet if we seek to lose weight taking care of health.

With these tips in mind, you can adapt and modify your diet to approach the paleo diet that our ancestors carried without suffering and taking care of the health to lose weight today.

Remember that in addition to these concepts referred to food, in the Paleolithic activity level was much higher, so all the physical activity you can perform daily will be welcome and can stimulate your weight loss.

So by choosing good fats in small amounts, lean proteins, fiber and whole grains, as well as avoiding alcohol, sugars and salt, you can adapt the paleo diet and weight loss at present without neglecting health and achieving the body in shape that you have always wanted.

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