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  1. Hi there! While working out every morning, you will be burning excess fat as when you put on muscle, it aids in the fat burning process. However, you want to speed up the fat burning process. Weight loss supplements are the worse decision that you can make. Why? Because of all the side effects that it has. Alli for example, is a diet pill that gives you explosive diarrhea. I’m sure that you don’t want that. The truth is there is no weight loss supplement that would be the best for you to take while working out. Many of the side effects will actually hinder your muscle gain. The best way to lose weight while working out is to have a proper nutrition plan. You need to split your meals evenly throughout the day and eat more frequently. Like 4-6 meals per day. Small meals not large meals. This will stimulate your fat burning processes in your body. To realistically expect to lose 2 lbs a week, you must eat less than you burn without any exercise. This is your basal metabolic rate and a quick google can find that out for you. This can all be done without having to use supplements. If you need more information, please visit my site.

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