Exercising After Pregnancy

It is about nine months and a few hours of your pregnancy. Congratulations are in order for your bouncing beautiful baby. The child sleeps peacefully beside you and you look at your body only for a large and jelly-like stomach to welcome you. Gone is the squirming and kicking, but all you see now is a wobbly belly full of stretch marks. You notice quickly that you can no longer fit in those gorgeous jeans you used to wear before your pregnancy.

This sounds horror, but it should not. Exercising after pregnancy is incredibly easy and within time you will be back on your favorite clothing. All you need is effort and the right advice. Nonetheless, it is a daunting exercise to regain your shape. If it were simple, every woman would look amazing after her pregnancy.

The abdominal muscles must broaden during pregnancy to allow room for the growth of your baby. Provided one had a normal delivery, it is possible to begin simple abdominal exercises about 3 weeks after giving birth. However, one must visit a doctor for examination before embarking on this course. According to medical experts, getting fit after pregnancy combines both diet and exercise.

What to eat

Always note that you are in a recovery process. Therefore, you require plenty of rest and good diet to regain energy. Breastfeeding mothers must also maintain the flow of breast milk. Most people end up crashing their diet after their delivery. Nonetheless, it is advisable to take a well-balanced diet to enhance your health and that of your baby.

You should go for bulky foods with low calories, such as steamed or raw vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. You diet should also contain plenty of calcium and protein foods, such as eggs, fish, and lean meat. Besides, breastfeeding has been proven effective in aiding weight loss. You can simply burn 500 calories through breastfeeding

Exercising after pregnancy is not that easy as it seems. Indeed, it takes 9 months to grow a baby in your belly and it must take huge efforts to regain your shape. Therefore, it is advisable to set realistic goals to avoid disappointments.


Taking a healthy diet is not enough. You need to do postpartum exercises as well. It is obvious that this will not be easy because you are sore and tired. Besides, you have a baby who needs your close attention. Nonetheless, you can manage to get fit again.

Do not worry about results for the first six months of your postpartum exercises. Start small. Modified pushups are excellent and you can do it from your home. You can also take walks before advancing to specialized exercises to tackle the fat in your belly.

You do not need to complicate your exercises or diet to achieve positive results. All you need is a slight change of lifestyle. According to nutritionists, the key to successful postpartum weight loss is to take a well-balanced diet and to stay active. You will definitely drop away those extra pounds while maintaining sufficient energy to sustain your baby.

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