Best Alkaline Water Brands

Best Alkaline Water BrandsThe body is made up of almost 70% water. Many of the metabolic reactions of the body are thanks to the presence of water. Blood is also an important source of water transport in the body (approximately 90% of its composition is water); in this way we supply nutrients and oxygen to many organs of the body.

In addition, through sweat and urine we eliminate a large amount of toxins and waste generated by metabolism. The function of water as a regulator of body temperature must also be emphasized.

Thus, we see that it is very important to ingest enough water a day – approximately a liter and a half to two liters – so as not to dehydrate and provide the basic means for the development of vital functions. The goal is to maintain optimal health!

What do we mean by alkaline water?

An alkaline water has a pH equal to or greater than 7 (pH measurement scale with a setting from 0 to 14, the pH of 7 is the neutral point, below 7 is considered acid pH, and above, basic pH or alkaline). Water as such is charged with energy, i.e. electrons that are formed by negative charges. The water is alkaline by the negative charge of all its electrons, whereas in an acidic water dominates the protons, which contribute positive charge. It is the attraction between negative and positive charges, that is, the attraction between electrons and protons, which allows alkaline substances to neutralize acidic substances.

Therefore, it is interesting to obtain water with a minimum pH of 7 – it would be ideal to get it with a pH of 9.5 – to ensure that it has a minimum of quality – we would have to get it free of contaminants, that is, pure). And that we guarantee enough energy to neutralize all acidic substances that can be eliminated.

What is the relationship between the consumption of alkaline water and better health?

The digestive system and metabolism generate a lot of toxic substances resulting from the digestions and chemical reactions that take place in the body. The body has to be able to eliminate them to prevent them from accumulating, and thus prevent the development of diseases.

In an alkaline medium, the body works better, there is health; But an acid medium facilitates that the organism can develop feelings of discomfort in the digestions, delay the cure of certain diseases and even accelerate the development of new ones .

Therefore, alkaline water neutralizes the acidic substances generated by the body resulting from digestion and metabolism, and makes the harmful and toxic microorganisms cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

When water is not alkaline and does not provide enough mineral salts, the body, which is very intelligent, uses other parts of the body as bones and muscles to obtain these alkaline substances; this makes them not available for their main functions, which are not alkalizing the pH of the body.

The fact that alkaline water contains all these mineral salts – calcium, magnesium, potassium … and above all that we drink it away from the meals allows us to increase the absorption of nutrients at the time of digestion.

Best Alkaline Water Brands

Alkaline water helps to produce oxygen; therefore, we increase the mental and physical agility since much more energy is given to the cells, they are hydrated, and also the presence of free radicals is reduced; Thereby delaying cellular aging. Free radicals are the “rejection substances” generated by cells that are the result of their activity. If we do not provide enough antioxidant elements, which are capable of capturing these free radicals and eliminate them, we are accelerating the process of cellular aging.

Therefore, the concept is always the same: an alkaline water with many electrons (reduced water) has a great antioxidant capacity, more than a positively charged (oxidized water), which accelerates cellular aging.

Many times, if the body does not remove all the residual substances resulting from digestion and metabolism, they accumulate and solidify, and this can cause cardiovascular problems if they are deposited in the arteries, joint problems…

We have to consume the right water and quality!

Currently we can get alkaline water in an easy way and without leaving the house through various techniques and with the help of appliances that will facilitate the process.

One of the techniques we can use is reverse osmosis, based on a multi-filter system that does not modify the initial charge of water, but generates more pure, less concentrated water of toxins, thanks to the fact of having passed through semipermeable membranes.

Another technique that allows us to obtain quality alkaline water would be ionization. This process is also called electrolysis and consists in inverting the positive charge of the water to 0020//*negative, since, as we said before, the more negative charge, the more alkaline it is. We

get water without particles harmful to health, such as heavy metals, including lead and copper.

Nowadays we can find devices that not only ionize water but also filter it (reverse osmosis). Normally, the devices that make this process are alkalizing jars, in which the water that is obtained has passed through several types of filters.

It is very important to maintain the ionizing devices and to change the filters, because if we do not, we can end up obtaining much more contaminated water than the initial one without filtering, which can pose a health risk (bacterial contamination, excessive de-mineralization of Water, high concentrations of mineral salts …).

Apart from these two systems, in the market we also find pH drops, which increase the activity of the electrons, releasing oxygen in the water and balancing the pH of the organism. If we add them to the water we can get their pH to rise above the neutral.

So, what are the best alkaline water brands? It’s any brand with a pH higher than a 7 pH.